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Customers appreciate a consistent shopping experience across all channels, whether via mobile or web. If these experiences aren’t seamless across channels, customers will be frustrated and are likely to turn to another retailer for their needs.

For this reason, when looking for an ERP solution, retailers should consider certain characteristics. An article by highlights a number of characteristics to consider when choosing an ERP solution for retailers.  According to the article, retailers have had to update their methods to adjust to changes in consumer tastes and habits but these changes have become far more frequent in the recent years.

Katie Slimov (2019) therefore highlights that the best ERP solutions that retailers should take advantage of should have:

Omni-channel Retailing

Omni-channel retailing is a type of retail that integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers and this includes physically visiting a store, online shopping via a website or via phone apps.

With omni-channel retailing, consistency across all channels whether mobile or web is guaranteed. A retailers’ mobile shopping experience should match its web experience, which should match its in-store experience. Customers like and expect consistency, and they want to be able to interact with retailers the same way, no matter where they’re coming from.

Solutions like iVend Retail which is an added functionality for the Retail Industry built on SAP Business One ensures integrated touch points extend a consistent shopping experience across all channels.

Retail-Specific Customer Service Software

Instead of going for a general ERP software, it is of much more benefit to go for a custom-made ERP software for the retail industry. iVend Retail for example is specifically designed for the Retail Industry thus integrating all the features that a typical retail business would require.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

The most effective ERP system should not integrate all office functions but also be a system that will allow every area of the entire retail chain to be connected and to communicate with one another. This means that every employee, no matter their department, should be very much aware of all operations taking place e.g. in the warehouse, current inventory etc. thus allowing employees make effective decisions.

With iVend Retail, head office operations have complete visibility of stock across the retail chain and can effectively push stock rather than rely on stock requisition.

Therefore, investing in an ERP solution such as iVend Retail that guarantees the above 3 characteristics will enable operational efficiency for your business while ensuring your Retail Business remains competitive as well.

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