Last week we looked at how to choose the right ERP solution for your business and a few pointers courtesy of Ryan Warnock of CIO were highlighted.

Today we look at identifying the right implementation partner for your ERP Solution. It is important to note that a partner has the ability to make or break an organization so at the end of the day, identifying a suitable partner for your ERP implementation should be a crucial process that needs to be well thought out and important factors considered.

According to Lucy Thorpe of In-Cloud solutions, a good partner is not just a sales person and neither are they someone who just implements a solution. For this reason, she presents a couple of qualities that a business should look for when selecting a good partner.

  1. One of the qualities is that a good partner needs to be well informed and be in a position to offer consultants in areas where the business may need further advice.
  2. A good partner needs to be conversant with the solution such that they can be able to teach and advice on ways to maximize on the solution as a business.
  3. A good partner should be able to understand your business based on the current situational analysis as well as future goals so the solution can be in line with the future business goals.
  4. A good partner should have a clear process for ongoing support and responding to problems promptly.
  5. A good partner needs to have project managers with adequate experience and can advise on suitable processes for good outcomes. Visit In-Cloud Solutions for more insights.

Above all, we believe that it is crucial that as a business you consider remarkable communication when choosing an implementation partner. Find a partner who will be ready and willing to listen to your concerns as a business. In addition, remember the implementation won’t take a day or two or a week. It may even take a year and as a result, identifying a partner you can communicate with fast enough either physically or via the Internet during the period is key.

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