A number of business owners are skeptical when introduced to the idea of implementing an ERP system for their businesses.

An article by Vittorio Menichelli, Marketing Manager at Leverage Technologies presents a couple of ERP misconceptions that are making most businesses miss out on a true opportunity for growth.

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These misconceptions are assumed to be influencing business owners and making them question whether an ERP solution could be fit for their business.

  1. The first misconception highlighted in this article is that ERP systems are expensive. 

At Izon, we implement SAP Business One, an ERP system which handles all your department needs with one solution and should therefore not be looked at as expensive because of the savings it delivers to your growing business in the long run. At the end of the day, its never about cost but the impact the system will have to your business in the long run so SAP should not be looked at really as expensive.

2. The second misconception highlighted is that ERP systems are meant for Manufacturing Industries alone.

Izon Future Systems has implemented SAP Business One for businesses across all industries; from Manufacturing to Food & Beverage, Automotive, Health industry among many others. Hence, this clears away the misconception that ERP Systems are meant for Manufacturing industries alone.

3. The third misconception is that ERP Systems are for large companies only. 

Izon prides itself on having done successful implementations in some of the leading SMEs in Kenya and a week ago on our social media we examined a few success stories by giving examples of SMEs in Kenya that have benefited from SAP Business One. This kills the misconception that ERP systems are used for large enterprises only.

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