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No doubt, many businesses are still resistant to change when it comes to investing in an ERP solution. For many, cost is a major setback yet for others they just don’t like the idea of change. Its like they are clinging to their comfort zones; a place of familiarity for them where there is the fear of how something new will look like. Yet at the end of the day, comfort zones are not always comfortable and ultimately, they may cost you the success of your business. Like the saying goes, you never really know what you are capable of until you take the first step.

Startups and SMEs should therefore not be resistant to an ERP change for their businesses just because cost is an inhibiting factor. Furthermore, the world has become so competitive and businesses are going out of their way to invest in business solutions that will keep them ahead of the game.  SAP Business One thankfully lends a helping hand for startup owners and entrepreneurs for dealing with the competitive market. SAP business One is developed for SMEs and as a result, its price also remains within their reach.

An article by Silver Touch Tech highlights the cost of SAP Business One ERP software and its cost affecting factors. According to the article, SAP Business One is one of the most scalable and powerful ERP solutions which grows as your business grows. This means that you can readily add new licenses and users at any given time.

So, what top factors decide your cost for SAP Business One?

  1. License: Here, you can decide whether you require a Professional License or a Limited License depending on your business model and size.
  2. Implementation: At this stage, it is crucial to consult experienced consultants to ensure quality performance. Izon Future Systems gives you experienced consultants who will be ready and willing to not only ensure ERP delivery is on time and on budget but also ensure training is offered for an overall successful performance.
  3. Add-on products: Izon Future Systems among many other SAP Partner companies have add-ons that extend the functionality of your business processes. Sometimes its never about the cost but the functionality and added advantage that a given add-on will have to your business.
  4. Support: Ensuring that you have support services is key in situations where you may be attacked by hackers or when your business needs an upgrade.

The above 4 factors are key considerations when it comes to the cost of SAP Business One implementation. But then again, sometimes its never about the cost but the added advantage that the solution will have to your business and that is what SAP Business One does. It gives you solutions that will oversee cost as a restraining factor. And in any case, solutions are customized based on your needs so the cost may not be as much as you think it really is.

For more on SAP Business One costing, you can schedule a DEMO with us today and our team of consultants will be ready and willing to advise you accordingly based on your needs.

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