Your very first asset

Asset One is a comprehensive real estate and construction management system consisting of four add on modules that control and manage the assets’ life cycle. Asset One was developed and implemented as an ERP Solution using the SDK environment while maintaining SAP Business One User interface. This system uses SAP Business One’s integrated features such as purchasing, sales, price lists, article libraries activities, linked documents and service calls.

The 4 modules are:

Construction Module

Provides a comprehensive solution to ultimately supervise and monitor civil engineering projects. This module handles teh execution of estimates, evaluations and monitors activities performed through the course of the project.

Property Sales Module

Provides a comprehensive solution for the assets’ sales management. This module handles the property inventory, sales, administration, contracts, tenants, addition and changes, along with monetary follow up and control.

Rents Module

Provides a comprehensive solution for all rental properties, rent contracts and inventory. This module supervises and monitors all the financial issues that are related to the assets.

Maintenance Module

Provides a comprehensive solution for routine, scheduled and preventive maintenance and provides data for decision making purposes, through prices, expenses, equipment life cycle, budgetary estimates and other parameters sufficient for making a maintenance policy.



Hotel 4 SAP Business One

SAP Business One for Hotels is the first ERP for the Hospitality industry. It is the only solution made available on the market including all the front office functionalities up to management control, integrated into a single platform with the same user interface and where the managed data is never redundant. No interface is required to forward data from the Front Office to Accounting which allows an effective use of the data itself.  As soon as the data is entered or edited at the Front Office, it will be immediately available to Back Office, Administration and Management Control. It is no longer necessary to install two or more products or to differ solutions to be interfaced with SAP Business One for Hotels.

You have a single but distributed environment which makes information available at any operational or managerial level.

Integrates all your business functions

Fully manage your business through sales, guests, purchases, the store house, financial management and human resources; all in a single system.

Eliminates barriers and redundancies

Information is immediately accessible in the system with elimination of redundant data entries and errors in different systems.


iVend Retail

iVend Retail offers complete back office functionality both in store and at the head office. It provides the store manager total control over activities within the store and at the POS. The store transactions are replicated to the Head office, allowing quick decision making without considerable delays.


Stay Connected with your business operations 

iVend comes as an end to end business solution for retailers who use SAP Business One for head office operations and an extensive retail management application to manage store and POS operations.

Inventory control and replenishment 

With iVend retail, head office operations have complete visibility of stock across the retail chain and can effectively push stock rather than rely on stock requisition.

Never loose a sale

iVend Retail delivers up to date visibility of stock across the retail chain. POS operators gain complete visibility of stock across stores or at the main warehouse/distribution centers right from the POS interface.

Smoothly process, routine and complex transaction

iVend Retail enables the POS operator to combine multiple transaction types within single POS transaction e.g. POS operators can process a sale refund and a sale transaction in a single transaction rather than a two step process.

Reliable and safe credit card transaction

iVend Retails offers fast, easy, safe and cost effective card management with integrated payment processing from industry leading banks.



All over the world, companies are realizing the productivity gains that can be achieved with the introduction of a complete Human Resource Management solution into their workplace.

Izon provides you with a HR add on solution maintained on the SAP Business One application that provides your business with the tools you need to manage your companies most important assets – its employees.

Izon Future Systems