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SAP Business One Cloud: The Future of ERP Implementation

For the past couple of days, our social media platforms have been focusing on the benefits of SAP Business One to your business with automating key business functions such as Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Financials etc. as the key benefit.

Today we focus on SAP Business One as an ERP Solution to your business. Under this we examine what exactly is an ERP System, the types of ERP Systems and what benefits Cloud ERP solution has to your business because no doubt, cloud computing is the future of ERP implementation

A recent article ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about Cloud ERP’ by Lucy Thorpe of In-Cloud Solutions seeks to provide insights on this. In summary, what Lucy Thorpe posits is that based on the two main types of ERP Systems i.e. On-Premise “Big” ERP and Cloud ERP “in a box” for mid-sized and small business, Cloud ERP remains the best choice especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) because it offers cost savings, flexibility, scalability, security and speed which remain attractive attributes for growing companies. Ultimately, the fact that Cloud ERP can be accessed from anywhere at any time as long as you are connected to the internet makes it a suitable choice for businesses that are in rapid expansion.

Izon Future Systems gives you the option of implementing SAP Business One On-Cloud so that as a business you can reap the benefits of Cloud ERP.

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