Why an effective Project Management Team is important for a successful ERP implementation


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Last week we looked at major challenges to a successful ERP implementation and one of the points that stood out was the lack of an effective Project Management team. Having a team that is not properly managed could lead to a whole project failing which brings us to the importance of team work. Teamwork is an essential component of success and no doubt, the diverse skills of members of a team are very important. So, at the end of the day, having an effective Project Management team is very key for a successful ERP implementation.

It all begins with the Team Leader i.e. the Project Manager. Research highlights that it is important for an organization to have both an external Project Manager and an internal Project Manager so that the project is not entirely the implementation partner’s job but also the internal Project Manager’s duty. An internal Project Manager will ensure the project is carried out on time and on budget.

According to an article by Ultra Consultants, the ERP project team roles and responsibilities of those selected to participate in the project is indeed very crucial in an ERP implementation.

The article highlights some of the crucial people that form part of the Project Management team and their importance. One of these people are Executive Sponsors who are responsible for tracking the progress of the project at a milestone level and making corporate level decisions. Another group is the Core Team members who have the responsibility of handling the project on a daily basis. According to the article, the Core Team members own the responsibility for their discipline throughout the project. The last group highlighted is made up of the Site Team members who exist at each location, including the corporate and each site should have one person who functions as the Site Champion to help co-ordinate scheduling and ensure all site requirements are met.

Selecting an effective Project Management team for your ERP implementation is therefore a process that should be carefully thought out for the successful completion of your project.

Part of this article has been extracted from an article titled “The Project Team Structure: ERP Project Team Roles and Responsibilities” by Ultra Consultants.

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